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MSADA Open Date Requests

The Open Date Request page is a place for NIAAA-Section 2 Member schools to post information about Open Dates they may have in their athletic schedules, so other schools can read these and compare with any Open Dates they may have. If you would like to advertise an Open Date, please do so below. If you would like to see what Open Dates have been submitted, take a look at the 'Open Date Request List' below the form on this page.

Please note: if you see an Open Date Request item of interest to you, please contact the coach or athletic director by phone or personal e-mail.

The exchange page is public and is only for NIAAA-Section 2 Member schools. There will a 90-day limit on the requests. If your request was not filled within the 90 days, it will be deleted, but you may resubmit your request.

If a coach or athletic director posts information and then wishes to remove it, please email and include the date and time of the open date.

To submit an open date request, click here


Open Date Request List

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There are currently no open date requests on the website.

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